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We have spent many long hours, days and weeks, creating a website to help NJ Fishermen find information about everything New Jersey fishing, all at our cost. This site was created by hand no fancy internet code, if you see something on our page me and my staff typed it.
Everything we do today is 100% free to you!!!! I am not trying to sell anything but your business. I created this website because I love fishing and this is me doing my part to help the NJ fishing community. If down the road you feel this site has increased your business I am always up fo a day on the water….

1. Thank You! - Growing up one block from the beach in NJ I have fished for as long as I could cast a line. I have been on a good portion of NJ''s Party Boats, a hand full of charter boats, and have spent more money than I care to discuss in many of NJ''s Tackle shops. Over the past few years every time I am out on a boat or in a tackle shop everyone is discussing how hard it has been lately to survive with higher cost on everything and less business to support this. So I want to first off say thank you for sticking it out and good luck on the 2012 season.

2. Your Information - Please take a minute to look at the site and find your business and check if your business is listed. If it is make sure it is 100% correct. If it is not listed or not 100% correct please let me know right away and I will correct this as soon as possible. This can be done by simple emailing us at

3. Growing your Business - well the only way to make this work is with your participation. Here are a few ways to make this work.

a. Make sure your information is up to date
b. Advertise (FREE)

  • Add our Banner onto your website as Partners. Just copy this code into your site. <a href="" target="_blank" title="Fish NJ Boats"><img src="" width="150" height="75" alt="New Jerseys Fishing Resource" border="0"/></a>

  • Add us to your mailing list or email us directly at as often as you can. We will take this information you send us and try and add this to your page and include this on our general pages, some examples are Fishing reports (we will always show the boat/business name and link this to your page), send us coupons we will display them on our coupons page, send us tackle deals we will add them to your page or link to a page on your site, Send us pictures of your pool winners and we will add them to the weekly pool winners section. Send us open boat space so we can help fill your charter or just anything you think you would like to share. We will also use this info to send out our weekly newsletter to all who sign up. Understand that everything is manual and may take a day or so.
  • Social Networking. If you are have a page PLEASE like us on FaceBook the website and our facebook page This helps draw awareness to the site and helps grow the community.
  • Down the line we will offer home page and featured pages space at a cost but most likely not in the first year. We will be featuring businesses that participate the most as a sign of appreciation. These businesses will be rotated regularly to share the wealth. SO PARTICIPATE!!!

4. What we plan on doing - The foundation of how we will all be successful is information, we will distribute a newsletter weekly on Thursdays giving NOAA weather forecast, Tides, fishing reports, deals of the week and anything we can get our hands on. This only works if you participate!!!!! I look at it this way if only a hand full of businesses get involved they will be the ones that gain, if everyone gets involved NJ fishermen will be the ones that gain along with your business. I hope you choose to get involved.

5. How to add information to your page - Right now my team will do everything, all you need to do is send us a email to and in the subject put "page update and the link to your page". We will add or edit anything you like even if you want to use us as your website we encourage it!!! As long as you are not sending in changes daily we will do this at no cost. But please don''t let that discourage you as the more you send in the better this will be for everyone. I will let you know if it is too much.

6. Why we did this - The real reason we are doing this is to help Boats and tackle shops nothing more! Right now this is all coming out of our pocket at the rate of about a nice fishing trip a week. If this is really successful maybe down the road and I stress maybe I will start to monetize this by offering advertising space but I will always keep the individual business pages free !

7. Terms - Please view our website for all the terms and conditions and our privacy policy.

8. Opt Out - If you would like to opt out please just send us an email at stating please remove my business from your site and we would like to know why we may call you to confirm this. NOTE WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT this from the email this was sent to or an email from the proper domain.